PTO reminders to Pyrtle families
Tue, Aug 27 11:03am

Hello all,


Thanks for being a Konstella user--we're glad you're here! As a PTO, we're trying to strengthen Pyrtle families' use of this software. Please read the following re: Konstella and the Pyrtle Elementary PTO Facebook page. 


1) Konstella users: be sure you have selected the right classrooms for your child(ren) for the 2019-20 school year.  The PTO makes regular use of Konstella, but thus far, we haven't had many families represented. Some classrooms only have a few students. One of the best parts of Konstella is the directory, allowing you to obtain contact information for your kids' friends. An incomplete directory is an ineffective directory! 


HOW? When logged into Konstella, find Your Children in the upper left (under the gear icon in the app) and then you can assign them to the correct room. If you need to add a child, you can do that here too. Many users have found that using a desktop for changes is preferable, as the app is a bit limited.


In addition to the directory, Konstella is where you will find sign-ups for donations and volunteer opportunities. We roll those out throughout the year, so stay tuned!


2) Facebook: Last night at PTO, we learned that most LPS schools, activities, and groups have Facebook pages. Even if you aren't an avid Facebook user, know that this is the method that is frequently used to get important information to family members, particularly about special events and activities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Please follow our Pyrtle Elementary School PTO Facebook page so you don't miss details, reminders, and fun facts about the school! We do not feature all of the Facebook information on Konstella. 


Please share this with your Pyrtle contacts who aren't yet on Konstella and haven't liked the PTO Facebook page!



Your Pyrtle PTO Board