Pyrtle Friends & Family CPR Class
Tue, May 8 5:30pm-7:30pm
Pyrtle Elementary (Library)

For our final PTO meeting of the year, we are so pleased to offer the Pyrtle Friends & Family CPR Class led by Pyrtle parent Mindi Jo Boettcher.  Mindi Jo is the Training Center Coordinator at Bryan Health and she is very eager to teach Pyrtle parents and teachers lifesaving techniques! 

This class is designed for the non-medical general public.  It covers techniques that can help you save an innocent bystander or loved one.  Mindi has heard many stories where people  felt helpless in an emergency situation and her goal is to help the Pyrtle community feel confident that if they see someone in trouble they can do something! 

The class is limited to 16 participants - first come, first served! This class is free to register for and PTO will provide snacks, drinks and childcare.  This is not a certification course, but you will be taught adult & child CPR and choking rescue techniques.  If you have questions, email 


Participant Signed Up: 7 / 16

Tue, May 8 5:30pm-7:30pm
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