Pyrtle garden maintenance volunteer opportunity
Pyrtle Elementary


Here is an easy opportunity for your family to serve Pyrtle! It can take place at whatever time works for your schedule. 


Volunteers spent several hours this summer cleaning up the Pyrtle garden and it's currently in great shape! However, to keep it this way, we need volunteers to help maintain it. Weeds are growing, well, like weeds, plus storms can leave branches and leaves littering the area. 


Pick one of the dates available, and then sometime in the following two weeks, you can stop by the garden to pull weeds, pick up trash or branches, and just keep it looking beautiful. Chances are, it won't take you more than 30-45 minutes, and you don't need any special equipment (though gardening gloves and bug spray are recommended). The big projects and trimming are done. 


LPS would like to know who is planning to help and will be on school property, so there is a very short Google form you will be asked to complete. Once you sign up, Amber Messersmith will email you a link to the form. 


Due to COVID-19 precautions, there will be fewer in-person volunteer opportunities to serve Pyrtle this year, but this is still allowed since it is outside. Thanks for helping your school in this way!