State of the PTO - January 2019
Sat, Jan 26 4:17pm
Pyrtle Elementary

I’m happy to report Pyrtle PTO is growing! Parent participation at meetings averaged 10-25 people last semester and our volunteer base is trending upward.  I’d really like to see these trends continue in second semester. 

It’s mind-boggling to reflect on the amazing efforts of Pyrtle parents, grandparents and staff who found ways to help our school amid their own work and family responsibilities.  I applaud each and every person who did something - even one little thing.  And to the volunteers who took on really large tasks:  you are great role models for our entire school.  

I would love to see more parents continue to step in and take charge of an event or activity, or even propose something new.  Our current leaders have put together an impressive document to explain how PTO works.  We did this for two reasons: 1. we want everyone to be as informed as possible and 2. we know that instructions are really helpful when you’re a volunteer.  You can download it here.  

Financially, we have raised roughly half of our annual budget. There’s been a downward trend on money raised the past few years and Pyrtle PTO has relied on a reserve of funds carried over from years ago. We’re thankful for this, because without it, we would not have been able to purchase the climbing wall. Early signs indicate we’re reversing that trend and we thank the families who support PTO financially.  

We’re moving full steam ahead in second semester - our Fun Night Committee has invested immeasurable time and talent to make Fun Night a success and After School Club registration is available.  You can find info for both on  Our March and April PTO meetings will focus on planning for the next school year. Please join us to offer your input. 

Many, many thanks for your support Pyrtle families!  

Sarah and the PTO Leadership Team