Valentine's Day STEM Activity Planners
Mon, Jan 6
Pyrtle Elementary

We are looking for 2 volunteers to plan a special STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)-type activity for all Pyrtle students to work on during their Valentine's Day party. After consulting with teachers, administrators, and parents, the PTO decided to plan STEM activities and fund the materials in lieu of a Valentine's snack.  Pyrtle staff and parents are excited about this change, as the kids get plenty of sugar that day in their valentines!


Even though the start date listed is in January, you could begin work on this task immediately. The parties will take place Friday, Feb. 14.


In addition to finding age-appropriate activities (not every level needs a separate activity), you will:

--work with the Treasurer to determine budget

--purchase materials (to be reimbursed by PTO)

--divide up materials by classroom

--develop instructions to be shared with teachers and parent volunteers in each classroom


NOTE: We will request classroom helpers at a later date. This sign-up is only to plan the activities for Valentine's Day.


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Mon, Jan 6
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