Walk-A-Thon is only two weeks away!
Tue, Sep 14 2:32pm

The annual Pyrtle Walk-A-Thon is just two weeks from today! This is PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year and doesn't require you to sell anything!


While your Pyrtle Panther will get to participate during the school day, you can support this event through your donations, through volunteering. and through participating with your student(s) during their assigned Walk-A-Thon time.


DONATIONS: We are fortunate to have raised $6,425 for Pyrtle over the last few weeks, but we're not done! Remember, Pyrtle Panthers are Unstoppable! These funds will directly affect Pyrtle students, as staff members are given allocations for items not covered by the LPS budget, and PTO votes to fund major projects for the school (e.g., the climbing wall in the gym, playground improvements that began last year and will continue when the equipment arrives).  Our 2021 goal is $8,000, but if we exceed that, it means our students will benefit even more. We're 80% of the way to this goal--can you help us reach it?


If you have not already done so, you are invited to donate at:


Please consider sharing this link with friends and family who appreciate your Pyrtle Panther(s)!

**To ensure your gift is credited to the correct grade level, select the grade level team after selecting your donation amount. 

**UPDATE: Every grade level that reaches $1,500 will get a movie and popcorn party, not only the grade level with the highest donation total! The grade level with the highest total will receive an additional prize as well.

**You do not need to tip Givebutter--choose Other. Tips are different than covering credit card processing fees (these are the lowest fees of similar online platforms). If you cover the fees, your entire donation will go to Pyrtle.

VOLUNTEERING: If your schedule permits, please sign up to volunteer during the Walk-A-Thon day. Multiple 35-minute shifts remain:

PARTICIPATING: You are invited to walk/run with your Pyrtle Panther during their grade's assigned time. Please check-in at the tent before joining them. 

5th: 9:05-9:40
3rd: 9:45-10:20
4th: 10:25-11:00
2nd 12:50-1:25
1st & K: 1:30-2:05

Thank you for your support. Walk-A-Thon would not be successful without YOU!

Pyrtle PTO Board