✨PTA Budget Attached for Review✨ List of Educational Advantages Your Child Experiences From Your Generous PTA Donation 🙏 Thank You!
Tue, Mar 15 10:33pm

Do you know the enriching programs and educational advantages your child experiences at Ralston Elementary funded by your generous donations to the PTA/Ralston Families? :

  • 3 full-time AMP teachers (Art, Music and PE) because our PTA pays for so many things that the school would otherwise have to fund. Without this financial support, our AMP team would be shared with another Jeffco school and that would prevent them from taking on projects like Running Club and Ralston Takes the Stage.
  • Classroom technology – 2 New Mimio Boards mounted on the walls for instruction & student and staff technology (keeping Chromebooks and iPads up to date and 1:1 ratios)
  • STEM focused field trips and classroom presentations including lab materials for experiments and hands-on learning
  • Individual teacher support for classroom items and online subscriptions for student websites
  • Outside tables for lunch (The overwhelming generosity from the silent auction this fall funded this one-time purchase) 
  • Ralston's Teacher's Aides (improving the student to instructor ratio in various grades)

Thank you for your ongoing and unwavering support through several difficult years. Our Ralston kids are thriving and we are so grateful for this supportive community! Attached is the PTA Budget for the 2022-2023 school year for your review. 



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