🎁 Toy Donation Drive - The Miracle Shop Golden
Thu, Dec 1 10:46am

The Miracle Shop, housed at Calvary Church in downtown Golden, is a pop-up holiday toy store where financially struggling parents, grandparents, and guardians in the Golden area can shop for the perfect gifts for the children they love.  The store is not a handout, instead, our customers, after shopping for their kids, choose what they can afford to pay for the toys they have selected.....no questions asked. Sometimes payment is pocket change and sometimes $20 or $30.   The goal is to provide an opportunity for caregivers to feel empowered by their ability to take care of themselves.


Toy Donations will be accepted at Golden’s Parfet Park on December 10th from 10-4 or at Calvary Church on Sunday, December 11th from 1-5, and on the 12th and 13th from 9-5.  The Miracle Shop can also arrange a pick-up. The store will be open on December 14th-16th.


In addition, toys may be purchased on our Amazon Wish List and delivered directly to Santa's Workshop....just go to TheMiracleShop.org   Cash donations can be made on the website too, are tax-deductible, and always appreciated.