🎉6:30 Tonight Drop Off For Sleep-In | 10Pm Pick-up (half!) OR 8:30 AM Pick-Up (Full) | ALL Kids Please Pack A Water Bottle & A Good Attitude! | LABEL YOUR KIDS THING | THANK YOU TO ALL VOLUNTEERS & DONORS
Fri, May 5 5:05pm

 Text Melissa for All Questions - 813-220-5174 

Please label your kids things! 

Gear To Bring: FILLED WATER BOTTLE PLEASE Sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping mat, favorite stuffed animal, PJs, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, sleep mask etc. Please label all items!


See you all soon for the best party in the West! Thank you to all donors and Volunteers!

Ralston is the BEST Community Ever. 


Still haven't signed up and wanna go? Just show up Fee to enter is $75


When: Drop off on Fri., May 5th @ 6:30pm (Please eat dinner before event). Pick -up on Sat., May 6th @ 8:30am (light breakfast will be served)

Where: Ralston Elementary. Lobby Drop off. Activities in Gym|Makerspace|Cafeteria|Library|Playground

Cost: $50 Per Kid Full Night ($25 if Parent Volunteers overnight) $25 – Per Kid Half Night - Pickup @ 10pm $65 if registering late (Wed/Thur before event); $75 the day of the event. (All proceeds go to Ralston PTA to fund Teacher Aide’s, STEM, Maintain Full-Time AMP Teachers and more)

2 Step Registration: Pay on Konstella (not registered? Use Ralston private code t5iUth ) and turn in the district-required 3-page permission form available on Google Docs:   https://forms.gle/8WgBJZNYoTbSmq4s6