🎉Sleep-In Tonight - 6:30 Drop Off - Please Eat Dinner First - Label All Gear & Water Bottle - Half Night Can Pick Up Extended to 10:30 - Please Send Healthy Kids 🎉
Fri, May 6 12:01pm

School Sleepover Tonight. We. Can't. Wait.😁 

Times: 6:30pm drop off. *Revised - Half Night Kids may be picked up at 10:30 or anytime between 10-10:30 when the movie is about over. 8:30 am pick up for overnighters. 

Gear To Bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping mat, favorite stuffed animal, PJs, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, sleep mask etc. and water bottle. Eye Mask if they like it dark. Please label all items!

Sniffles? - We love healthy kids. If your kid has the sniffles we would love you to please consider testing  your child for Covid before sending.  If your child has a fever, please keep them home. We will send sick children home. 

Thank You- To all 53 people that donated.  We have all that we requested and all funds will go to fund PTA school improvements and programs like Full Time AMP, Tech, & School Improvements. Approximately  $7,800 raised. 

Volunteers - Please arrive at 6:15 or earlier 

Text Melissa Reiss for changes, updates and questions 813-220-5174