📢 Help Wanted - Ralston Families (powered by the PTA) would love YOU to be Vice President or Parliamentarian ✨Considering Getting Involved & Have Questions? Contact Karen Force
Wed, May 19 10:51pm

You're invited to join Ralston Families board of fun, respectful, and productive parents to help fill the positions of Vice President and Parliamentarian. We would love the parents of  young mountaineers to kindly consider participating.  Like fine wine, our board is aging! 😂


The VP role includes attending a meeting 1X per month during the school year where you'll receive behind-the-scene info on how we're working to keep your kid's school excellent. The VP also helps recruit our very involved Ralston parents to participate on certain committees. 


Parliamentarian duties includes attending  board meetings and periodically reviewing by-laws so we stay compliant. This is an easy gig! 


Wondering if this is right for you and have questions? Contact Karen Force, our current esteemed VP @ 303-396-7179. 


Thank you for your consideration!! As they say "many hands make for light work!"