🙏Volunteers Needed🙏 4 Specific Positions Need to be filled by 11/6: ✨Golden Schools Ralston Rep, Web Designer, Edukit Coordinator, Fish Tank Assistance ✨ Please consider helping - Sign Up Today🗓
Thu, Oct 29 10:22am

Ralston Families (powered by the PTA)  needs help!  Your consideration is appreciated to fill the following 4 positions before 11/6.  Full descriptions and approximate volunteer time needed below or if interested, please reach out to specific contact person to learn more:

  • Ralston's Representative to the Golden Schools Foundation 
    • Contact Megan Hesse -  megrock1@yahoo.com
  • Web Designer - To assist with the PTA/Ralston Families section of the Ralston Website
    • Contact Melissa Reiss - melissareiss7@gmail.com 813-220-5174
  • Edukit Coordinator 
    • Contact Sing Palat- 412-654-5832
  • Fish Tank Assistance/Marine Education Committee 
    • Contact Karen Force - karenforce@me.com

Ralston's Representative to the Golden Schools Foundation 

 What is the Golden Schools Foundation?

The GSF is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) formed by parents and citizens of the Golden, Colorado community in 2010. This group came together to help encourage a high level of performance and accountability at Golden’s neighborhood articulation schools – Kyffin, Mitchell, Shelton, Ralston and Welchester Elementary Schools, Bell Middle School and Golden High School.


As an independent non-profit, the GSF will raise and distribute funds in a responsible and ethical manner in order to foster excellence in educational opportunities.

What does the Ralston Representative do?

The Ralston Representative has several responsibilities including: 

  • Attend monthly meetings - currently virtual!

  • Communicate with Ralston teachers, staff, and families via email and/or Konstella to promote upcoming events such as the Golden Gallop, teacher appreciation, and other GSF-sponsored programs or events

  • Serve on 1-2 committees including teacher recognition, enrichment grants, scholarships, and the Golden Gallop

  • Provide monthly newsletter items as requested

What is the time commitment?

This is a great way to give back to Ralston without committing a lot of time.  General time commitments include:

  • Monthly meetings and communication:  2-4 hours

  • Committee involvement varies depending on committee:

What do I get out of this?

Thinking about being more involved with Golden schools?  Some benefits to you include:

  • Learn more about the Golden schools

  • Support kids, teachers, and staff at all Golden schools 

  • Make a different in the community

  • Help recognize Ralston’s well-deserving teachers and staff

How do I qualify?

Qualifying to serve as the GSF Ralston Representative is easy!

  • Be a Ralston parent or guardian

  • Be available to attend monthly meetings

  • Be willing to serve on 1-2 committees

  • Be willing to communicate

  • Be willing to support our Golden schools!

I’m interested, what do I do next?

Contact Megan Hessee, outgoing GSF Ralston Representative, for next steps or Melissa Reiss 

Web Designer:
Approx 3-5 Hours of volunteer time need to design the Ralston Families PTA page of the website. Might be less time with web design experience. Consultation needed. 
Contact Melissa Reiss - melissareiss7@gmail.com 813-220-5174
Edukit Coordinator: 

The EduKit coordinator works with Ralston and the PTA to make EduKit school supplies available for parents to purchase.  The time commitment is about 5 hours scattered through the spring and 5 hours the week before school starts. The coordinator submits the Ralston school supply lists our EduKit rep, distributes EduKit promotional materials for parents to order online, and, the week before school, makes sure the supplies delivered to Ralston get to the right classrooms. Gwen and Donna have been instrumental from the Principal side to help the process work smoothly.  A portion of EduKit sales goes towards the Ralston PTA. It’s a fun way to save parents the time and hassle of school supply shopping while  fundraising for the school.

Please Contact Sing Palat- 412-654-5832


Fish Tank Assistance/Marine Education Committee

One fish -   two fish - our fish - your fish

The Ralston fish tank NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! 
The beautiful fish tank in the front lobby of our school is maintained by PTA volunteers.  We have several families who are currently caring for the fish, and we would love to have one or two more join our esteemed Marine Education Committee.  
Water changes: 1.5 to 2 hours 
Frequency: 4-6 weeks (tank cleaned every 2 weeks but rotated between families)
Performed year-round
If you are a fish lover and wish to help this wonderful tank continue to thrive at our school, please email Karen Force at KarenForce@me.com