Run 4 Funds week!
Mon, Sep 21 - Thu, Sep 24
Ralston Elementary
3 days before,

Run 4 Funds will be starting on Monday, September 21st!  Please make sure that every student is ready to go!


Please have them wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Also a extra water bottle for the run!


We are at 30% of our goal, keep it up! Here is the information, Ralston Pledge Sheets and Informational Letter.


Monday - Mitchell, Huyler, Ryon and Bonzer's classes will be running.

Tuesday - Somers, Ball, Tice and Gruber's classes will be running.

Tuesday afternoon - remote learners run will be at 4:15, hope you all can make it.

Thursday - Slocum, Knight, Refuerzo and Heyman's classes will be running.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Kneuer


If you have any questions, please feel to email Mrs. Kneuer at