Talent Show Video Submission Now Due Saturday, May 8th - the talent show goddesses have extended your deadline ... take advantage of it!
Sat, May 8
Ralston Elementary
1 day before

Deadlines extended - don't miss out!  


1. Complete online entry form/permission slip by Wed, May 5 - it's been extended! 



2. Submit Performance Video by Sat, May 8 - extended again by talent show goddesses!  Link to upload video provided upon entry form completion.


Rules and Guidelines: 

- Preferred time is 2-3 minutes
- One act per student, unless approved for additional group act
- Social distancing or masks is required for non-family member group acts
- Lip syncing is not permitted
- Lead vocals in accompaniment music should not be audible for singing acts - Lyrics & jokes are subject to review by Talent Show Committee

Parents, please watch before submission to check for appropriateness, quality & length. Watch more if you can! The same expectations apply to the "virtual" version of the Talent Show. Students should put together a quality, well-prepared act so they can do their best! The Talent Show Committee, consistising of teachers, administrators & parents will review for appropriateness, quality, length & safety.