Treat the Teachers and Staff! First Friday Breakfasts and Modified Contact Day Lunches!
Ralston Elementary
3 days before

Help treat Ralston Teachers and Staff on First Fridays and on Modified Contact Days! 


Please sign up to bring a First Fridays breakfast or a Modified Contact Day group lunch to be dropped off at Ralston.   


It's different this year but pretty simple: arrange for a delivery or do a pickup of the food.  Ring the bell at Ralston, say you're here to drop off food for teachers and staff, and place it on the table in the breezeway.  Please, no homemade meals this year.


Contact the Teacher Appreciation Committee, Elizabeth Collard at, with any questions or to collaborate further.   We're aiming to be as creative as possible this year and I welcome any suggestions and/or help! Thank you for everything you've already done to appreciate our teachers and staff.


First Fridays Breakfast Ideas:

Bagels from the Bagelry 


An assortment of baked goods from King Soopers, Safeway, or Whole Foods

Prepackaged fruit salad from the grocery store

 Breakfast burritos from Santiago's or Good Times 

A coffee order - contact Elizabeth at to help get personalized orders


Modified Contact Day Lunch Ideas:

Pizza from Guido's 

Pizza from Domino's 

Sandwiches from Smiling Moose

Bagel sandwiches from the Bagelry 

Burritos by the Box or similar from Chipotle


Other details

We need at least two gluten free options and we need at least two vegetarian options (but the gluten free meals don't have to be vegetarian and the veg meals don't need to be gluten free).


Work with friends!  For example, two families could foot the bill for a particular sign up, and a third family could provide the delivery service to Ralston.


When you sign up, please note what you are bringing so that we can aim to have variety in our offerings.  Check out what was most recently provided and try to bring something different, if possible!


Do you have a contact who has a coffee, taco, or other food truck?  Contact Elizabeth at and we can chat!