TreeRing Personalized Yearbook Deadline - April 7
Fri, Apr 7
Ralston Elementary
1 day before

We are pleased to inform you that we are trying a new yearbook approach for the 2022-23 school year. TreeRing is a yearbook company that shares our community's values, makes capturing student memories easy, and creates beautifully printed books. Your child should have a flyer in their Friday folder with more information.  

What’s different this year:  

Share Photos!  Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the yearbook by sharing photos!  These photos can be of individual classroom groups, friend groups, classroom events, Halloween, music programs, candids and more. 

Custom Pages!  You will have the option to create 2 FREE custom pages for your child. These 2 pages will print only in your child’s yearbook. The combination of personal memories and school memories will create your child’s own personalized yearbook. Custom pages can include vacation and camp memories, lists of favorites, sports, friends, hobbies, clubs, and any other memories you want. Custom pages must be submitted by April 7.

 What to Do!  To share photos, create your child’s custom pages, and to order your yearbook, you must 

1)Create a TreeRing account at  

2)You will need to enter our school passcode 1016637977952587 You will be prompted to enter your email, create a password, add your child’s information (name, grade, teacher) Ordering your yearbook is easy online!

3) How To Add Photos:  No purchase is required to share photos with our yearbook. Here is a link that explains how:,Select%20Upload%20Photos.  

Please try to upload your photos to the appropriate folders that are already available online.  This will help us to organize and build the yearbook out.  For example there are folders for each teacher’s class by name, each grade level, RTTS, Halloween, etc. 

  We hope this change to TreeRing will help make your yearbook experience easier and more personal for you and your child. If you have any questions, please reach out to:  

  • Denise Greve at Ralston, or Susan Aberle or Dan Jones 

Warm regards,    

Denise Greve- Yearbook Editor/Ralston Art Teacher 

Dan Jones and Susan Aberle – Yearbook Editors/ Ralston Parents