October - Box Top Contest Results
Sat, Oct 29 9:45am
Here are the RES Box Tops results!
We collected 6250 Box Tops this collection!  That's worth $625!  Great job.  The classes with the most Box Tops collected was Mrs. Gross's PK class.  They collected 461 Box Tops.  Remember, at the end of the year, the class that has collected the most Box Tops will win an ice cream party.  Right now the standings are:
6th place: 5th grade - 689 Box Tops
5th place: 1st grade - 851 Box Tops
4th place: 4th grade - 898 Box Tops
3rd place: 3rd grade - 1131 Box Tops
2nd place: 2nd grade - 1204 Box Tops
1st place: kinder & PK - 1252 Box Tops
Great job and keep collecting!
-Kristin Bliss, Box Tops Coordinator