PTO Updates for the week of 11/26/2018
Tue, Nov 27 8:12pm
Redstone Elementary School

Hello Redstone families. Here are your PTO updates for the week of 11/26/2018:


Scrips Fundraiser

In conjunction with our teacher gift card program coming soon, we’re pleased to share an opportunity for you to buy your own gift cards for your family and friends and in turn, raise money for your school! The name of the program for both our upcoming teacher gifts program and your own gift cards, is called “Scrip”, and it allows you to buy your own gift cards, for your own needs and a percentage of every gift card comes right back to Redstone! No extra money spent, no increase in the cost of the card – you buy it for face value ($25 for a $25 card) and the retailer gives us money back! It’s that simple! With the Holidays just around the corner and so many of us purchasing gift cards we thought why not make it easy for our families and profitable for our children and school? Click here for more information. Order form here.

SCRIP Holiday Gifts for Teachers and Staff
Hello Redstone families! It's that time of year again...the time when many of you think about holiday gifts for teachers and staff. In the past, Redstone parents wanted to extend their holiday wishes and gratitude to a variety of staff members and teachers (both past and present) but just couldn't find it in the budget to give gift cards to all! So, here at Redstone, we came up with a solution through an elective program known as Scrip - which allows families to choose which staff they would like to give a gift to...and in ANY dollar amount. This allows us to collect all of the dollar amounts for each teacher and staff member, combine them into one total amount - and the staff can then order gift cards they need or use often, as their holiday gift. You can truly participate in any dollar amount (even $1) - the money is collected into separate pots for each staff member and the teacher/staff then receive a notification about their dollar amount and the families that contributed! The dollar amount you contributed IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE NOTICE - just simply "Happy Holidays from the following families" and then each family is listed. The program also extends a DOUBLE BENEFIT to Redstone. All gift cards chosen by our staff, receive a percentage back to Redstone Elementary programs and needs! It's a win-win-win! For those interested, you have the opportunity to give gifts to the staff members of your choice, they choose and receive gifts cards of their choice, and Redstone receives money back! Click the link here to print a copy of the form. Forms will also be distributed this week in Friday folders.  All gift contributions must be received by Wednesday, December 12th.
RSE Restaurant Night at Papa John's
Please join us Thursday, 12/13 to help us raise money by participating in our Papa John's restaurant night. This is an all day event. Thanks in advance for supporting our school.
VIP Parking Assignments
Redstone Community, please be aware that designated parking spots (such as Principal assigned parking) are assigned to specific staff or RSE families and should only be occupied by that assigned person or family. The PTO held a silent auction at the 2018 Spring Dance and those VIP parking spots were bought and paid for by families for each month. It is unfair when that family tries to park in their spot and someone else is using it. We understand that sometimes you may just want to drop off your child quickly or the parking lot is full, but that parking spot is still assigned  for that family's use only.  Please do not park in these designated VIP and assigned parking spaces. We will be auctioning the parking spaces off again in April at our 2019 Spring event so we will invite all those interested to bid on the RSE VIP parking spots then. Thank you for your cooperation.
Upcoming Important Dates:
12/13 - Papa John's Restaurant Night
12/21-1/6 - Winter Break