Please assign your kids to their new classrooms for the year
Fri, Aug 24 10:44am
Redstone Elementary School

Hi parents - 


Please take one minute to associate your kids with their new teachers in Konstella.  Place your children in their classrooms so you receive classroom communication from the PTO and room parents.


Also, if you are the Room Parent for the year, please email so we can set you up as the lead.


By taking care of it yourself, it saves our volunteers time to do other important jobs. 


Instructions To Join a Classroom:

  • From the Web:  Click your name in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children" to add/modify.
  • From the Mobile App:  Click the Settings icon in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children".


Attached is the Konstella Cheat Sheeet to help you with the most common functions of Konstella.  


Please let us know if you have questions