Please take 1 minute to assign your kids to their current teachers and let us know if you are a room parent
Thu, Sep 20 9:55am
Redstone Elementary School

Class parties are coming up.  All kids and room parents must be assigned in Konstella!!!



New year, new teachers!  Last years, a volunteer assigned kids to their teachers.  Those assignments were removed at the end of last year.  This year we NEED YOU to assign your kids to their current teacher.

Instructions To Join a Classroom:

  • From the Web:  Click your name in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children" to add/modify.
  • From the Mobile App:  Click the Settings icon in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children".



Are you already an amazing room parent this year?  If so, please email, letting us know what class you volunteered for.  Our Konstella Admin sets you a room lead so you can start organizing the fall party signups.  We only have 2 classrooms assigned so far.  


Thinking about being a room parent!?  Do it!! It's not too time-consuming, you get to be more involved with the kids and teachers.  Moms, dads,  grandparents - all are welcome to volunteer!!



What?  You aren't registered in Konstella yet?  If you aren't registered, you just received a re-invitation asking you to register.  Please do so in order to receive important information about class and school events.  We want 100% registration by October.  We have 74 people to go.