RSE Garden Summer Care Signup
Tue, May 16 9:53pm

Please help the PTO keep an eye on our wonderful garden this summer.  We are looking for some families to sign up for a week during the break.  Watering/sprinklers for all plants are automated.  So your only responsibilities are: 

 1. Three times during the week, check that plants are getting watered by the timed sprinkler system. If things look too dry, or you see a sprinkler issue, contact the garden coordinators (Karen Aguillard at 425-922-1684 and Becky Hall at 303-552-6341)

2. Pull weeds in garden beds and in the wood chip area.  Place waste in provided garbage bags (located in storage bins) and put in the dumpster outside of the school gym.

3. Harvest any ripe produce for your family to enjoy (up until 7/28, after which time all produce will be used in the classrooms)


Thank you for your help!