Redstone School Garden Care
Thu, Jun 6 4:46pm!/showSignUp/10C0C44AEA723A1FA7-redstone2

Calling all Redstone Families (teachers too)!

Sign-up to have your family keep watch over the Redstone garden for a week this summer. It's easy this season because the garden beds are watered by a timer.

Family Weekly Tasks:

1. Weed all garden areas - raised beds, borders, ground area (Once per week)

2. Harvest any crop that's ready to pick (as often as you'd like until JULY 28 - after that we save the rest for returning students)

3. Check that plants are getting adequate water (feel that the soil is moist by the base of the plants) and that everything generally looks ok (2-3 times per week). If problems arise, contact Jeanne Mondrus @303-886-5456.