Redstone Staff Holiday Gift Cards
Mon, Nov 16 11:30am

Want any easy way to express your appreciation and gratitude for our amazing RSE staff?

Contribute money (any dollar amount) to an individual staff member through this program. You can choose as many or as few staff members as you would like. Then, we will put the money together for each staff member, and staff will choose their own gift card(s) from the Scrip program (which gives money back to Redstone PTO).

PTO will tell the staff member who contributed to their gift. The amount contributed by each family is not disclosed to the staff member.


  1. Click on this link:
  2. Select a staff member, input the amount you would like to give and the name you would like attached to the gift, and then add to cart. Your can see your cart on the right side of the page.
  3. Add additional staff members.
  4. Proceed to checkout where you can pay with credit card, echeck, or send (to the school) a check made out to Redstone Elementary PTO.

Remember this is completely voluntary. This form and payment are due by Tuesday, December 1st. Contact PTO with questions at Thank you and Happy Holidays!