Welcome summer! Final PTO email - please take our survey
Fri, May 27 1:53pm
It has been an absolute blast and honor to be your PTO Board this year. Our amazing community of families and staff is unmatched!  Hope your summer is off to a fantastic start.  
Three final wrap-up items:
  1. Please complete the PTO survey so we can know how to improve next year https://forms.gle/2p7fjknruCEr4xbC7
  2. Don't forget there are a plethora of volunteer opportunities for next year. Let us know if you are interested https://forms.gle/KDk7TTCkJxjBR2Fe7
  3. Financially, we came in under budget this year, meaning we were able to give Redstone $30k to upgrade the multimedia equipment and fund additional needs/curriculum for the school and students.  We spent around $23k getting our community reconnected after COVID with our activities like the Rockin Run, Fall Festival, Spring Derby and various community events.  We invested $22k to help our teachers provide supplies for their classrooms (instead of using personal money), supporting their professional development, and providing other acts of appreciation for our RSE staff for all they do for our children.  The remaining $14k we use in the Fall to help teachers get their classrooms ready, host a welcome event, and start planning the Rock'n Run.
    Note: Our numbers are not finalized because we still have some receipts coming in.