Redstone Rock'n Run

Help by volunteering for the Redstone Rock'n Run Fundraiser event. Be available on the day of the event to set up, mark bibs, cheer, or clean up.

Be available on prize day to volunteer at event.

Be available before the event to pin race bibs to shirts.

Be available to help count donations.

Positions (0/5 filled)

Coordinator Signed Up: 2 / 4

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Event Volunteer 9/15 Signed Up: 13 / 100

We are looking for volunteers to help with setup, cleanup, to mark race bibs, spray students with water, Otter Pop/popsicle distribution, tear down, etc.
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Awards Event Volunteer 9/29 Signed Up: 4 / 30

We are looking for volunteers to help oversee our three bounce house events during lunch recess. We are also looking for help in the afternoon to oversee the kids who earned the Kona Ice prize.
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Pre-Event Help Signed Up: 5 / 20

Help with pinning race bibs to shirts.
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Money Counting Signed Up: 3 / 10

Counting help will not likely be needed until the week of the event and the week after. Our treasurer will contact you if she needs help.
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