2020 Spirit-A-Thon: The Walk-athon Reimagined Starts Monday, May 11th
Fri, May 8 11:35am

Walk-a-Thon Re-Imagined: 2020 RHS Spirit-a-Thon!

The RHS Walk-a-Thon is one of our school's most beloved community-building and fundraising events and although we can’t hold it in person, we didn’t want to end the year without it. So, we’ve re-imagined an event that represents the best of our school-- The RHS Spirit-a-Thon: Mind, Body and Spirit!

This year’s winning theme was: “Walk for your health. Walk because it’s cool. Walk for yourself. Walk for your school!”, by 2nd grader Nala Bickham! We will bring this theme to the Spirit-a-Thon!

The Spirit-a-Thon will combine 2 weeks of FUN activities kids can participate in from home that will be equivalent to walk-a-thon laps. Pick as many or as few activities as you’d like, then post a quick video on Seesaw to share with your buddies! Refer back to Seesaw to track your laps (only if desired-no pressure!) If your class doesn't use Seesaw, your teacher will let you know how to update your class about your activities and how you are participating.

The Walk-a-Thon is usually one of our biggest fundraisers with a budgeted goal of $60,000 this year. However, we know many of our families have been hit hard by layoffs and other challenges from this crisis. We recognize that many families will not be able to donate money this year but we encourage all families to participate in the Spirit-a-thon whether or not they are able to donate. So many are missing the community connection. We can make it happen, even if it's virtually!

For those of you who are able to financially participate, our goal is to keep RHS the way we all remember it - without cuts to any of our wonderful programs like Art, Garden, HUGS, Library and the many critical staff people we fund (school admin, group specialists). With saved costs from not holding an in-person event, we still need to raise $30,000 to achieve our goal for this year. Every bit helps! Please spread the word to our extended community and families to help us during this difficult fundraising time. We will be using https://rhs.walkstarter.org/ just as we did last year. You can also donate directly via paypal and save the 2.5% stripe fee (send to a friend) at: rhsparentfundtreasurer@gmail.com.

To support our RHS family and the greater OUSD community, the PTA will donate 10% of all funds raised to an RHS Emergency Fund for our families in need of groceries and emergency support and to the COVID-19 Relief Fund for Oakland Students & Schools. To donate to the relief funds directly, make checks out to the Redwood Heights School Parents’ Fund Association(write out Redwood Heights, bank will not accept RHS) and mail to Parents’ Fund Treasurer, Olivia Sessanna 4445 Fair Ave Oakland, 94619 or PayPal rhsparentfundtreasurer@gmail.com. Put in the memo RHS Emergency Fund.

The Spirit-a-Thon will begin Monday May 11th! Week 1 will be Mind/Body Week and Week 2 will be Spirit Week! To get ready to participate, go to Walkstarter and sign up for an account or login to your account from last year. You can set your goals and make your Avatar! See you on Monday with your Sammy Spirit ready to go!

Your Redwood Heights PTA