2nd RHS LOANER CHROMEBOOK PICK UP this Sunday, AUGUST 9th, 2020, 3pm - 6pm
Sat, Aug 8 10:19am

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Dear Redwood Heights Community,

Thank you for your patience and partnership as we prepare for the first day of distance learning.   By now many of you have received your class assignment either through the teacher, KONSTELLA, or OUSD Parent Portal.  Please note that we are attempting to implement the Aeries  Student Database system in unconventional ways to accommodate our current situation. At times it will be a little clunky. On Sunday I will return any emails of concerns or questions. Our main intention is to ensure EVERY child is connected and ready for MON.

I will be at the school on Sunday, August 9th from 3 pm -9 pm for a 2nd Loaner Chromebook Pick. 

  • For those that picked up a loaner Chromebook on Friday, please check to see if the power cord matches the device and that the device turns on. Come on Sunday to exchange for a new device and to get a power cord.
  • For those that requested a Chromebook but did not come on Friday come on Sunday.
  • For those families that have reconsidered and need a loaner Chromebook complete the survey: 20-21 Redwood Heights Distance Learning Technology and Wellness Survey and come on Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Principal Cynthia Bagby





 Procedure and Schedule




  • All  families that completed the survey come to the RHS building entrance between 9 am - 12 noon..
  • Any families that indicated they need to swap a broken loaner Chromebook please come at this time..

Please DO NOT show up early. 

  • All parents/guardians must wear masks.
  • Please adhere to social distancing rules.
  • Please follow the directions that will be posted at the front door.
  • All loaner Chromebooks will be in the  Redwood Heights entrance.
  • We recognize that there may be families who are not able to come to school during this time period. If this is the case, please send an email to cynthia.bagby@ousd.org and we will make arrangements that work with your schedule.
  • If you or a member of your family are experiencing any symptoms for any illness, such as fever or respiratory issues, please remain at home and send an email to cynthia.bagby@ousd.org to make alternative arrangements. If you are over the age or 65 or have a compromised immune system, we encourage you to stay home.