3/15 Spotlight on Learning: STMATH, Report Cards, Minimum Days
Sat, Mar 16 9:20am
Redwood Heights Elementary



Report Cards will be delivered this week.



March 15, 2019


Dear Redwood Heights Community,

It’s come to our attention that there was recently a post in a private Redwood Heights Facebook group regarding a perceived data wall practice, and we’d like to clarify some of the misinformation.


  • We do not and never will post or share confidential student information, including grades or data (e.g. OUSD mandated assessments, reading levels, benchmarks, math scores or state testing scores).  
  • This Facebook post was in regards to ST Math, a supplemental online math program that our students use for personalized math learning.
  • The celebration of student learning via an “ST Math wall” is common practice at Redwood Heights, but it is not mandated. How teachers showcase and celebrate this student learning varies by teacher. Many teachers choose to use an ST Math wall as positive reinforcement to celebrate children’s perseverance.
  • To be clear, what is shared on an ST Math wall is not student data and it is not related to how well students are performing in math.  

We recognize that some families have raised concerns about this practice and we are taking the immediate following steps to address those concerns:

  • All student names will be removed from ST Math walls and related showcases. Instead, students in some classes may have a number or nickname by which they can monitor their progress and usage of ST Math on a display.
  • At the district level, a review of the pedagogy for these types of celebratory practices will be initiated.

Please know that we all work hard to build a community of learners based on collaboration and respect for each other. We spend time each week focusing on celebrating children’s growth, learning how to ask each other for help and celebrating student agency and hard work.  Redwood Heights is dedicated to creating a safe and positive school environment in which all students are accepted, supported and respected.

If at any time you have concerns, we encourage you to reach out directly to your child’s teacher in person, on the phone or via email and not use Facebook or other digital media to air a grievance. When parent conversations take place on-line in a private Facebook group, we do not have the opportunity to respond and clarify misinformation.

Thank you for your continued partnership in your child’s education.


Redwood Heights Teachers and Principal