4/29/19 Spotlight on Learning
Mon, Apr 29 1:32pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

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Walkathon April 2019!!!

Thank you to Katie and the crew!

We couldn't do it without you:)!!!

Saturday began with our early morning PTA volunteers setting the foundation for a smooth day.

Sammy and a few fans;).

Our DPCR members, Willson and Baker keeping it safe...

more eager walkathon-ers:).

Let the walkathon begin!!!

Below are pictures of our

Fun Day in the Sun RHS Spirit Day,

WED, 4/24/2019!

Have questions? I am here to help!

 Hi Parents, 

I've been hard at work planning and strategizing to address discrimination and conflict here at Redwood Heights. As we venture on this journey of preventing discrimination, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk. Your thoughts and actions are valuable to me and our community. Please call the office and speak with Ms. K @ 510-531-6644 about making an appointment for a phone or in-person meeting with me.




 As I mentioned in the previous Spotlight on Learning, 4/15/19, our staff is committed to doing everything in their power to end discrimination based on race, gender identity, disability, or expression at Redwood Heights School. Here are the actions that they are taking to support our commitment.The teachers have chosen the upcoming lessons dedicated to our commitment to prevent discrimination at Redwood Heights: 

Kinder/First Grade:

The Colors of Us

2nd Grade:

100 nice things to say about each other.

Expression Sticks and Stones meaning.

Read aloud: Oliver Button is a Sissy

3rd Grade: Read Aloud:

Let’s Talk About Race, book with a fishbowl discussion?

Poems and Art display celebrating our differences

3rd Grade: Read Aloud:

Let’s Talk About Race, book with a fishbowl discussion?

Poems and Art display celebrating our differences

4th Grade: What does identity mean to you? What happens when someone is put down?

Write poems celebrating differences?

5th Grade: The Children’s March by Teaching Tolerance film



Creating a Trans-Affirming School

This week our staff will participate in a training about creating a Trans-Affirming School by our community member,  Willy Wilkinson, MPH - Writer and Public Health Consultant, of LGBTQ ACCESS -Advancing Cultural Competency and Equality in Services and Systems

Below is a description of the workshop:

As increasing numbers of transgender and gender-expansive young people live authentically in their self-identified gender, K-12 schools can foster a positive learning environment by protecting the safety and well-being of these students, and creating systems that support them to get an education like everyone else. Students with trans parents and caregivers also need support, as well as trans colleagues who need to live as their full selves without fear of discrimination. Conducted by the author of the Lambda Literary Award-winning book Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency, this interactive, informative workshop will benefit all faculty, staff, administrators, and community members in K-12 settings, and provide concrete tools for creating trans-affirming schools. We will explore the breadth of trans and gender-expansive identities, respectful interactions, legal issues, and best practices for addressing gender-specific settings, transition plans, privacy, community resistance, and student records in K-12 schools.


Ø  Define terms, identities, and concepts associated with transgender, gender non-binary, and gender-expansive communities

Ø  Utilize culturally appropriate language and behavior for working with trans populations

Ø  Describe ways that trans and gender-expansive people experience discrimination

Ø  Identify best practices for K-12 schools to systemically support trans students, caregivers, and colleagues