A Message from our RHS Garden Educator, Ms. Royalty
Fri, Aug 31 6:43pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hi Redwood Heights families!

It's been wonderful getting to know you and your amazing kids over the last couple weeks. Thank you for being such a supportive, welcoming community.
We've been busy planting and tending to the gardens - if you have a chance please check out the baby broccolis, peppers and peas in the back veggie beds. 
On that note, we're starting a succulent garden in the planters by the second-grade portables (right where we dropoff/pickup our students each day).
If you have succulents in your yard, please consider clipping a few and bringing them to drop off next week. They're so easy to propagate, and it would be amazing to have plants from all over our community growing in our schoolyard.
I'll be by the picnic tables next week at morning drop off with a collection bin; any and all succulent clippings/starts/plants are welcome and appreciated!
Thank you!
Ms. Royalty