ATTENTION: the GOLF FEVER is back! 7th Annual Golf Kart Rally on April 10th / THIS YEAR WITH SPECIAL FUN GENDER CHALLENGE!
Fri, Feb 21 6:26am

Hello everyone!


FIRST: It doesn't matter if you are GOLFING or NOT GOLFING! EVERYBODY IS WELCOME and there is NO REAL COMPETITION in our fun afternoon with hitting the golf balls and driving around in the golf carts! IT IS A FUNDRAISER WITH FUN FACTOR!


This year's challenge: WILL MORE MOM's ATTEND THEN DAD's?

Yes, we always have more Dads at the Golf Kart Rally. We want to change that. So here is the challenge, my Redwood Heights Moms, are you able to outnumber the Dads?


That said, here are the details to sign up and join us:


Where: Metropolitan Golf Links, 10051 Doolittle Dr, Oakland, CA 94603

When: April 10th, starting at 1:30 pm

Costs: $95/person

Sign up:


Sponsorships available - if you have any leads or want to promote your own business!


This year we will have just a "Happy Hour" with drinks after the game. Please let us know in the registration form if you are interested in joining for dinner at a different location after the "Happy Hour".


Spread the word, the more the merrier!

The Dad's Club