American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart Event
Fri, May 19 5:24am
Redwood Heights Elementary
Dear RHS Families
In the last weeks of school your student is learning about heart healthy habits and facts in PE as part of our partnering with the American Heart Association.  The Student Council would like to support the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart Event.  Students will be taking home fundraising packets this week and are encouraged to raise at least $5 by May 25th, to support the organization.  I realize that we're all maxed out from the Walk-a-thon fundraiser, but I'd like to make at least a token contribution this year and hopefully next year, with more careful planning, these two great events can be scheduled a bit farther apart and be equally successful. 
If any parents would like to volunteer on May 31st the day of the event (with running, jumping, and rope skipping stations) please sign-up here.
With heartfelt thanks,
Ms. Remy