Auction Donations Needed - Please consider a donation today!
Tue, Oct 3 5:21pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Friends!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

The school’s biggest fundraiser, the Redwood Heights Harvest for Learning Auction is coming up and we desperately need your donations!!!   


Experiences you can share?

Season tickets to the theater?  

Sporting events?  

The Oakland or SF zoo?

Museum passes?


Maybe you have a talent to share?

Can you offer to bake a cake?

Cook a meal?

Offer parents night out?

Donate your professional services?

Offer gardening help? 

Donate your cabin for a weekend?

Host a party?


Please contact Darren Raveneau ASAP at NOW is the TIME!
Deadline is October 13th.  The auction is great BECAUSE OF YOU.  Forms form merchant and personal donations are attached.  The auction committee can assist you with the forms, if you have any questions.  For more info about the auction, please look here:

Thank you!