Auction Party Time!
Mon, Jan 23 8:54am

Good morning RHS Community!

We are looking for families to host a sign-up auction party. 

What is an auction party?

An auction party is typically a small or medium sized party or event hosted by an RHS family or families. The parties are scheduled to take place throughout the year after the auction, and we have sign-up boards at the auction event (March 4th) where members of our RHS community sign up to purchase a spot to attend the parties. The money raised goes to support our art, library, and garden programs, group specialists, and much more!

A “party” can be something simple (pizza and movie night for 8 kids; backyard wine and hors d'oeuvres; a hike in the hills with a picnic lunch), something more elaborate (dinner party showcasing a family recipe or favorite food; poker or game night; a cooking or cocktail making class), or a big event (ladies margarita night, karaoke party, or 3-house progressive bar-hop). You could host a kids craft afternoon, a bike ride by the water; sundaes at the pool; or a “beer brats and billiards” party.  

You tell us what kind of party or event you’d like to host (if it will be for adults, kids, or both; how many people; suggested price, etc) and when and where you’d like to hold it. We will post sign-up boards at the auction on March 4th and sell spots to all of the parties. You don’t have to be present at the Auction to host a party. As a host you can schedule your party for anytime throughout the remainder of the school year, summer, or early next fall.

Have a small house? Host a small party! Or organize a bowling tournament or host a picnic in the park. Don’t know anyone? Throwing a party will solve that problem! Or send out an email to other class parents and see who might want to host with you. And don’t be afraid to ask your favorite store (Target, Safeway, etc.) if they would consider donating food or supplies. Auction parties are always a great way to meet and hang out with the other parents in our community!

Interested in hosting a party, or have a great idea but not sure how to start?  Please fill out this form: Or you can contact Cindy Ciruli at or Amy Skonieczny at  

The Auction Party FAQ’s include some helpful details and potential party ideas to get you started.  


Auction Donations

We are also seeking donations for this year’s auction. What is something fun/interesting/unique you have to offer? Maybe you can pledge an hour of your professional services or something from your small business? Maybe you can donate a “vacation experience”? Can you cook? How about offering a home cooked & delivered dinner? In all cases, the best and most popular items come from community members like you. This is a great way to share your passion or business with the RHS community. Every offering does in fact make a difference. 

It’s easy! Just fill out this form at and we’ll follow-up. It's a charitable donation, too, so you get the tax benefits, while we get the honor of your generosity. Have questions? Email Jill Oringer at or call/text 408-806-4955, or Rachel Balsley at  


As always, thank you for your generosity!

The Auction Committee