Auction desserts and party hosts needed!
Fri, Jan 21 3:49pm

The Auction Committee is seeking volunteers to sign up to host auction parties, or to make desserts to be auctioned off during the live auction event in March. It's a great way to get involved, meet new people in the community, and help out our school!


Calling all bakers!

Do you have a favorite dessert you love to make? Do people rave about your desserts or your cake decorating skills? The Redwood Heights PTA needs your help! We are looking for a few volunteers to bake their favorite impressive dessert that will serve 10 to 12 people, to be part of the live auction during the March 19th event.


Some possible suggestions for impressive desserts: your grandma’s famous apple pie, a plate of macarons, tiramisu, ice cream sandwiches, a tray of frosted cupcakes or decorated cookies, chocolate souffle….  Get creative and see if your dessert receives the highest bid!


If you are interested in creating something, please sign up here or contact Erin Connolly  ( for more information.


It’s auction party time!

As you’ve probably heard, the auction is historically the biggest fundraiser for our school, and as such we are going to be creative again this year and hope to bring in some much needed funds for our school for the current school year and next. The parent-donated parties play a huge role in reaching that goal, and are typically the hottest items at the auction. You host a party (any time from spring through next fall), and members of the community purchase spots for the party at the auction.  Auction parties are always a great way to meet and hang out with the other parents in our community!


This year, as with last, creativity and flexibility will be key. We showed we can safely host parties with some fun events and ideas over the last year. These include things like virtual game nights, “Sips and Stems”, a backyard flower arranging class, small backyard dinner parties for ~6 guests, candle making, picnic hikes, games in the redwoods, and outdoor movie night. 


Interested in hosting a party, or have a great idea but not sure how to start? Please fill out a form here. The Auction Party FAQ’s include some helpful details and potential party ideas to get you started. Contact Cindy Ciruli at if you need any more information.


If you have an item/service donation please submit on the online auction item form


As always, thank you for your generosity!