BIKE MOBILE this Tuesdsay & Spaghetti Feed (and ice cream :-) on Wednesday!
Mon, May 27 10:28pm
Redwood Heights Elementary

Hello everyone!


TUESDAY, starting from 3:10 pm on BIKE MOBILE is coming to RHS: bring your bike after school and get it tuned or fixed up by experts!!!! Don't miss your chance and make your kids bike up and running again to be ready for the summer!


WEDNESDAY is SPAGHETTI FEED!!!! Starting from 6:30 pm on we are feeding hungry students and parents and make them PASTA HAPPY! Please bring YOUR OWN DISHES and SILVERWARE, let's go as green as we can be!!! Don't miss this super community event and stop by!

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: at the "Spaghetti Feed" will be ICE CREAM from Rita's Italien Ice available!!! It is $3 each cup and super delicious! You can buy ice cream tickets at the registration!


AND DON'T MISS YOU VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY, so sign up now and feel great about it:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you!!!