Fri, Oct 27 11:39am

Boo Gram Deadline extended by popular demand to Monday, October 30th!!


This message is for you, and I hope you enjoy.

The idea is simple, one I hope you employ.

Print and personalize your Boo Grams so we can pass them along.

By this Monday send your Venmo and give your teacher the forms.

Boo Grams can be sent to classmates, teachers, staff and your child too.

A whole new way for them to think about being BOOOOOOO’D!

Please treat the whole class so everyone gets a bunch.

So, everyone is happy during the longest lunch.

10 for $10, 20 for $15 and 30 for $20.

This is for a good cause to keep our teachers/staff days sunny.

If you're unable to print in color, we can provide some copies for you.

But with B&W your kids could get creative coloring them in purple, orange and blue.

If you need your class roster or more information to proceed,

Don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help you indeed.

If we all do our part and send some RHS good cheer.

By Halloween it will be very clear.

We’re a friendly community and we love to have fun.

So please participate and spread kindness by the tons!