Book Fair Information
Fri, Mar 24 4:37pm

Hello RHS Families!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy heading into Spring Break.  I wanted to inform you that we will be hosting a book fair in the library from Mon April 10th through Fri April 14th, right after Spring Break.  Our book fair vendor is Literati, who you may be familiar with through their book box giveaway program.

Students will visit the book fair during their regular scheduled weekly library time.  In addition, students and families may attend the book fair after school on Wed April 12th (1:40-2:40) as well as Fri April 14th (3-4).  On those dates we will be open after school for about an hour depending on the turnout.

The book fair will accept cash, credit, debit, check and gift cards. We highly recommend if your student will be making their own purchases to buy a gift card through the website.  The website includes an online version of the fair where purchases can also be made and is open now through the conclusion of the event on Fri April 14th.  When you purchase a gift card you input your student's name and it will automatically be added to our register.  VERY IMPORTANT: if there is anything leftover on your gift card by the end of the fair on Fri April 14th, it will go to the library to purchase additional books.  Ten percent of the book fair's proceeds will go toward library book purchases as well.

Here is the link to the book fair website:

As a librarian I love that communities can share books, though as a book lover I also understand the desire to own some books to keep.  As you know there are some books that students like to read again and again, and there can be a lot of excitement in getting the opportunity to select a book for your own collection.  While this is true, it is also true that not every family can afford a new book, at an average cost of about $9. Keeping this in mind, we are taking up a collection to help students in need purchase books. If you have the resources it would be wonderful if you could donate to the Parent Fund specifically to purchase books for students in need. You can donate through Venmo (@RHSParentFund), PayPal (, or leave a check payable to “Redwood Heights School Parent Fund” at the front desk. Please be sure to put “Book Fair” in the notes when using Venmo or Paypal, and in the memo of any checks.

If you are a caregiver who would like some assistance please reach out to me ( or to your student's teacher so we can make sure funds are available.  Our goal is to raise enough so that any student who would like to purchase a book is able to regardless of their family's economic situation.

A physical copy of this letter, along with a catalog, will be sent home with your student before the break.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.


Jeff (Mr. Jeff)