Celebrate the Last Week of School with Lisa's Madcap Stories
Wed, May 27 7:00pm-8:00pm
Zoom Online
2 days before


Let's celebrate making it through the school year! Or whatever you call Redwood Heights mom and storyteller Lisa Rothman's husband setting up his home "office" in the hall RIGHT in front of the bathroom (she's dressing up in business casual to take a shower because his webcam's on a lot) while the kids stay in their pjs all day and ask if they can do their endangered species report on humans.

Pour yourself a drink and listen to Lisa share a few parenting tales from a time before buying groceries was both the high point of the week and a risky, unpredictable adventure.

“It felt like I got out and did something.” — Biddy Remick

"Lisa's Madcap Stories are hysterical. She is a truly gifted storyteller, and I appreciated a break from quarantine to step into her world. Highly recommend!" - Lindsey M., mother of three "

Lisa kept me laughing and riveted despite one kid doing karate and the other asking for snacks 🀣" — Sonia Mathias, mother of two

Please RSVP here to sign up at least 30 minutes before the event and you will receive a zoom link. If you've got something to give, please donate via PayPal to rhsparentfundtreasurer@gmail.com. Put in the memo Madcap Stories and all proceeds will go to the fund for Redwood Heights families in need.

If you don't have any money to give, no problem. Simply register. We want EVERYONE at this storytelling party.

***The show features PG-13 content but you can always wear headphones of there are young children around***

Photo by David Allen