Dad's Club Meeting 7pm Eric Schneider's House
Tue, Feb 7 4:06pm

Hi all, important meeting tonight for Dad's Club.


We have had declining interest lately and I'm concerned that we might need to cancel upcoming events if we can't find some people to take them on. We have good news in that we have an organizer for the RHS Variety Show (it's like a talent show), but Courtney Turk will need support. We also have the Auction Bar coming up and need someone to take the lead on it. A lot of the legwork has already been done, but we do still need a lead. It would be too bad if we aren't able to have a bar at the auction, it's always a good source of revenue for the Dad's Club's commitments and does help out the PTA as well.  The meeting tonight will be at Eric Schneider's back yard at 4374 Detroit off of Redwood. Feel free to come around the right side of the house, we'll all be there.