Dad's Club Redwood Island Benches
Tue, Aug 25 12:24pm

The Dad’s Club will get busy this weekend to start constructing new benches around “redwood island” for our kids and teachers when they return to school.


The benches will serve as nice resting spot and help revive the two dying redwood trees.


This revitalization project has been in the works since before COVID-19, but we’ve come up a little short on raising all the needed funds for wood and materials.


We need to raise $2,000 by Sept.1 (we have about 1000 so far) – in the next 10 days -- to cover the final costs of the materials.


If every person chips in $5, $10, or $20 bucks we can get there.


No donation is too small! All are appreciated.

Thanks so much! 


And if you see us working out there this weekend, stop by and say “hi.”


Donate here:


Feel free to pass this along to friends and family!