Desserts and parties for the auction!
Wed, Feb 8 9:42am

Calling all bakers or baker hopefuls!

Do you have a favorite dessert you love to make? Do people rave about your sweet treats? The Redwood Heights PTA needs your help! For those of you who are new to the auction, we solicit baked creations for the evening of the auction and then those desserts are displayed for party-goers to bid on at the party. Most of the time people choose to share the dessert with their table, but you can opt to take it home as well!

Some possible suggestions for impressive desserts: your grandma’s famous apple pie, a plate of macarons or pecan bars, tiramisu, a tray of frosted cupcakes or decorated cookies, chocolate soufflé….  Get creative and see if your dessert receives the highest bid! If you are interested in creating something or would like more information, please sign up on this spreadsheet  or reach out to Erin Connolly @ for more details!

Don’t be shy! Now is a great time to practice your ganaches, buttercreams and fondants!


Party hosts still needed!

We don't have as many sign-up parties as we've had in previous years. So if you are considering hosting an auction party, please do! We could use some more simple kids parties (i.e. pizza and a movie for 3-5 graders or Kindergarten Crafts) as well as some adult get-togethers. Some other ideas of parties party ideas from previous years for inspiration:

  • Game night (There is already co-host ready to help with this one!)
  • Kids Totoro movie night with Japanese snacks
  • Jelly-Belly factory tour

We would really love for K-2 grade parents to get involved. Certainly the restrictions over the last few years have cut down on the social gatherings and community events. But now that things are getting "back to normal," we hope that you can attend the auction, and consider hosting a party as a great way to get involved and meet people. Please reach out to Cindy Ciruli with any questions or to talk more about the parties. You can also check out the auction party FAQ's here.

Interested in hosting a party? Fill out the auction party form to get started. 


Auction Donations

We are still seeking donations for this year’s online auction. If you would like to donate anything (items, professional services, even a home-cooked meal or dessert!) to the online auction you can fill out a donation form here or contact Rachel Balsley  Donation forms should be submitted by Feb 10th.


As always, thank you for your generosity!

The Auction Committee