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Wed, Sep 18 12:11pm

Good Morning RHS Community,

Please grab a cup of coffee or tea on this rainy day, and read through this September Edition of the Highlights! I promise you, you'll Fall in love with the news as it warms your heart to read!

First off the bat, we have an event tomorrow...


Tomorrow, Thursday, September 19th is the 1st official PTA event of the year!

It's technically the General Meeting, BUT you wouldn't know!

There will be a potluck for dinner. Pizza for the picky eaters! No monetary donations! Totally Free!

There will be actual childcare personnel so you can enjoy adult time without worry... Totally Free!

Socializing and Ice Breakers to get to know members of the community you haven't met yet. 

A chance to learn about some awesome upcoming events LIKE THE AUCTION and ways to help.

A chance to learn about all the different committees you can join!

A chance to get fingerprinted so you can get your cool parent volunteer badge.

Sign up HERE to reserve your spot for fingerprinting done between 6pm - 8pm!

All we need from you is to RSVP so we know who is coming. And we'll make sure that we'll have enough food and childcare available for you. Please RSVP HERE!

See you at the party... I mean, General Meeting!

Week 1 Classroom Challenge Update:

Congratulations to Mrs. Sander’s 3rd Grade Class, winners of the $200 Target gift for donations totaling $6910. Amazing!

Our fundraising campaign is up 40%! Check out these hot classroom challenges this week, as of Tuesday!

Sanders $7657.00 (Week 1 winner!)
Konecky $5824.00
Gravelle $4449.99
Thompson $3629.99
Abrahams $3420.00
Chu $3320.00
Kendricks $3140.00
Harris $2960.00


A couple more days this week for your teacher to win a gift card for $200 towards supplies and books! 2nd and 3rd place will win your teacher a gift card of $100! 

And a couple more days to get over 50% participation in your child's class to win that popsicle party! ALL Classrooms with OVER 50% participating families win a Popsicle Party! (a donation to one sibling's classroom counts towards the participation goal for their sibling's classroom as well)

REMINDER: to check for Corporate Matching for your donation: these funds can be put towards your class as well. RHS PTA Tax ID is 946173811

Note: in the Classroom tally, Mrs. Theresa Sander’s 3rd grade Class appears as “Sanders, T”.

Ms. Nicole Sanders 1st grade class appears as “Sanders, N.”

GRAND PRIZES ! For every $50 donated, participants will earn a raffle entry to win:

1st and 2nd prizes: Four pack of Disneyland Park-Hopper tickets (value: $796)

3rd prize: Two tickets to Hamilton (or other SHN show of choice) (value: $300)

Drawing will be on September 30th. 


  • Scroll down to the orange "Donate" button at the bottom of this message for credit card payments, either one-time or recurring for up to 12 months
  • Checks can be returned in an envelope to your child's teacher,  to the front office, or mailed to "RHS PTA, 4401 39th Avenue, Oakland CA 94619" 

  • Send the Public URL link to Family and Friends who want to support RHS:

    Any amount they donate will go towards winning the Classroom Challenge for your child!


We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE  recurring monthly donations

Suggested donations range from $25-$250 per month, based on your family's ability to give.

Who here, like me, has been burning through their wallets with the new Peet's in Lincoln Square? I have! And I realized that I could be putting the $6.00 a day on a large iced Pumpkin Chai towards my monthly contributions to the campaign. Who's with me in turning some bad spending habits (like mine) on something more meaningful?!

If you cannot give this week, don't worry, this campaign does until the end of the month!

So you have plenty of time to participate...

For the Classroom Challenges calculations, all recurring donations will be entered as the total donation for the year. For those that can give a little more:

GIVING LEVELS: Become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Donor for extra prizes!

Gold $2000/$167/mo+: 2 Auction tickets, 2 adult RHS logo sweatshirts, 2 RHS travel mugs, 2 PTA memberships

Silver $1500/$125/mo+: 1 Auction ticket, 1 adult RHS logo sweatshirt, 1 RHS travel mug, 1 PTA membership

Bronze $1000/$83/mo+: 1 RHS travel mug, 1 PTA membership

The PTA 2019-2020 budget spends $800 (or $80 month/10month) per child. Reach New Heights goal is to raise approximately 1/3 of our budget in coordination with our two other biggest fundraisers the school Auction on Nov. 16th and the Walkathon the last Saturday in April.

The goal of the Reach New Heights Giving Campaign is to raise $80,000 through one-time and recurring donations. We aim for 100% participation from all RHS families. If we reach our goal, this will be the only direct-ask campaign all year!


So we are trying something new! This segment is called the Kids' Corner, just because, what we do for this community is ALL ABOUT OUR KIDS! It truly takes a village, and we want to highlight the reasons to why we give. We want to recognize all the awesome people, the spectacular events, and new things around campus that our PTA funds help to provide.

If you have anything you'd like to share to highlight our community, please forward to your Highlights/Communications person, Evelyn Eligio via Konstella. And we can share it with the community in the next bi-monthly newsletter, as well as our private community group on Facebook.

This week, we want to recognize Jennifer Wilson! Our HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) Counselor is a PTA funded school support staff member. Without your help, the HUGS program, which supports our students' social and emotional needs would not exist at Redwood Heights. 

Ms. Jennifer's son started at RHS in 2011. Our former principal, Sara Stone, knowing that Jennifer had a background as an educator and being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, asked her to volunteer to help high risk families. Shortly after, she signed on for a paid position. 

Students who need support can be referred by a teacher, the principal, a parent or caregiver, or even self-refer to receive one-on-one support or group support from a counseling intern. Jennifer focuses on leading small groups of students as needs arise, ie. Restorative Justice circles and girl social dynamics. When asked what she would do with any additional PTA funds to her program, she said she would get all teachers and classroom support staff trained in Restorative Justice

Jennifer is pictured with the newest member of the HUGS team, Groot, a 1 yr-old chocolate labrador retriever. Groot is in Service Dog Training for people with Autism and PTSD.  Jennifer finds the dog has been a huge help with the students. She says "It's a magical thing. I'll find an upset student and ask them to hold Groot's leash as we walk down the hallway, and instantly they calm down and are able to talk about what's upsetting them"

If you need to reach Ms. Jennifer, you can find her around school or via email:

Also, thanks to PTA funds, and the Dad's Club, the kindergarten classes has been enjoying their new chromebooks. If you didn't catch it on our Facebook page...

"Ms. Kath's class enjoying the new Kindergarten Chromebooks

thanks to funds raised by parent donations last year!" 

#ThanksRHSPTA #ThanksRHSDad'sClub #ReachNewHeights #CutieswithChromebooks #WhyIGive   

According to my meteorologist, named SIRI, it will be around 79 on Friday...

What can we do to keep cool and beat the heat?

I have an idea!

Let's help the 4th Grade class reach their fundraising goal for

the annual 4th grade Nature Bridge Sleepaway Camp!

Bring $2.00 for a popsicle to the Aliso Courtyard after school THIS FRIDAY!

4th grade families will be out there selling popsicles from 3pm - 4pm...



The sign ups sheets for Recess/Lunch volunteers are now up on Konstella! 

It’s a huge job to orchestrate the comings and goings of 370+ students during the Recess/Lunch hour and we need your help! We will send out requests for Recess/Lunch Duty by grade on a weekly rotating basis just like Drop Off Lane Duty.  (We will offshift Recess/Lunch duty from Drop off Lane duty.  To kick things off, we will start next week with the 4th grade. 

Please sign up here: 4th Grade Recess/Lunch Duty

Interested in helping out on days other than those listed for your child’s grade?  Email Ms. Margaret at  and she can get you signed up. 

Please  NOTE:  All Volunteers for Recess/Lunch need “Supervised Volunteer” clearance through the Oakland Ed Fund.  You must REGISTER here first, get fingerprinted (at the PTA General Meeting tomorrow night), and then submit a TB clearance.    

Let's not forget the drop off lane!

With the rain, it was a little gloomy this morning without anyone in those yellow vests. Let's make sure that we continue to help make drop off safe, rain or shine, with volunteers! So, grab your vest and some orange cones and help the drop-off lane stay Happy and Sane :) No need to go through fingerprinting to help!

Here is the line up, in case you need aren't getting those Konstella reminders:

Week of September 23rd: 1st Grade

Week of September 30th: Kindergarten

Week of October 7th: 5th Grade

Week of October 15th: 4th Grade

The Harvest for Learning Auction is a key fundraiser for the school, the biggest in fact with a goal to raise nearly $100,000 this year! The signature event will be held at Mills College on November 16th. Save the date! It's an event you don't want to miss!  

Some of the critical initiatives this will fund include:

  • Group Specialists that help in the classrooms
  • Art and Garden programs
  • HUGS (Helping Us Grow Stronger) to support social and emotional wellness
  • Replacing and updating the iPads, Chromebooks and other technology in classrooms
  • And much, much more!

How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can make a difference! 

  1. Donate an item or a service for us to auction off.
  2. Host a party (or heck, multiple parties!)
  3. Volunteer for some of the zillion tasks necessary to make the magic happen.

Donate an Item or Service

It's RHS Auction Season and we need YOUR help! 

We need lots of donations and the most popular items always come from community members like you. This is a great way to share your passion or business. 

Are you an artist, have an Airbnb or a vacation house? If you’re a baker, how about offering a monthly batch of cookies? Can you make dinner?! Offer a homemade, neighborhood delivered dinner for 4!

Extra sports or Music tickets? Yoga teacher, plumber or electrician? Everyone needs them! How about an offer to pet sit?

Whatever small or big idea you have, we will take it!  Every offering actually DOES make a difference. 

Mark your calendars: 

~Online Only Auction: 10/18-11/2

~LIVE Auction: 11/16

 Questions? Please email  

Donation Form (submit by 10/11):


Do you have a favorite dessert you love to make? Do people rave about your desserts? The Redwood Heights PTA needs your help! Like last year, we are looking for a few volunteers to prepare their favorite dessert to be part of a silent auction during the upcoming Harvest for Learning auction. The winners can decide what they want to do with the dessert they win: Share with their table after dinner? Share it with their child’s teacher(s)? Bring it home to their kids? Some possible suggestions for impressive desserts that will serve at least 10-12 people: your grandma’s famous apple pie, a plate of macaroons, tiramisu, ice cream sandwiches, a tray of frosted cupcakes…. Get creative and see if your dessert receives the highest bid! If you are interested in creating something or would like more information, please contact Emily Wilson ( or Eric Schneider ( Desserts will be on display and open for bidding at the start of the auction party so they will need to be prepared and delivered prior to 4:00pm on November 16th.

Host a Party

Parties are generally hosted by parents or teachers. Target audiences might be just adults, kids-only, entire families, or you can take all comers. You pick the theme, the price, the maximum number of guests, etc., and work with our party coordinator to secure a date. 

Hosting a party is perhaps the easiest way to make a huge contribution because they generate the largest portion of total auction revenue. And they are great ways to connect with the awesome people that make up our RHS community. 

Contact Jen Schneider, Party Coordinator Extraordinaire, @  for more info!


There are tons of tasks, large and small, that have to happen in order to pull this thing off. Some effort will be needed each week while a lot will be needed on November 16.

Join the “Auction--Harvest for Learning” committee on Konstella or email Darren Raveneau at . Trust me, we’ll find a way for you to help!

Don't forget to purchase your school photos!

If you have any questions or need assistance, the best way to contact me is via email at I typically respond within 24 business hours, M-F.
I really enjoyed coming back to RHS and photographing your children. They were so fun, polite and gracious...many of them thanking me for taking their photo! -Lori Fuller

The Dad's Club is calling out to everyone to participate in our PARENT WORKDAY to make our school better for all our children. This workday we will give our focus to the GARDEN of the school. Together with the garden committee, we will do the necessary projects to improve it. Love gardening? Here is your chance to help out. But we will also do other projects, the more people, the more can be done!

WHEN: Saturday, 9/28 from 9 am on

WHERE: Entrance of the school

LEAD: Eric Turk at

TOOLS: bring small tools for sure, gardening tools will help too

Thanks so much for helping out! You can use our sign-up sheet on Konstella, so we know who is coming, or just drop in! -The Dad's Club