Enrichment classes go virtual! 3 new classes added to the top of the list - see below
Sat, Mar 28 7:47pm

Many of our enrichment providers have created virtual offerings!  Here's a round up of them:


The Intuitive Writing Project  is now online

Now more than ever, we need the time and space for creativity and community, so The Intuitive Writing Project is moving all our current classes online. RHS girls 3rd-5th grade are encouraged to join us on Wednesday afternoons 1:30-3 from April 8-May 27. 8 classes for $220 Contact melissa@intuitivewritingproject.org to enroll and visit www.intuitivewritingproject.org for more information about our programs.


They'll be covering some simple machines and concepts, as well as providing some home build challenges that people can share (possibly using LEGO or other materials). Feel free to check it out, or watch the posted videos on our page at a later date!
Lauren Yee | Cultivator of Curiosity,
East Bay Area Manager, & Special Event Coordinator
510-227-9378 | Lauren@play-well.org
Play-Well TEKnologies | www.play-well.org


3 O'Clock Rock Online Music Lessons

Want to learn more about Guitar, Bass, Drums and/Keyboards?
3 O'Clock Rock is offering 30 Minute Music Lessons Online!
Book today with any of our select teachers. 

3 O'Clock Rock After School Programs is also streaming a Free keyboard video series called TIME OUT FOR FUN!

It's called Time Out For Fun because that's exactly what it is!
Watch and learn from teenage prodigy and Teacher Francis Lau how to play a scale, chords, complete DEVO songs and MORE!!!

TIME OUT FOR FUN - Episodes 1-8
Craft Kitchen
Please contact Eileen Plichta at eileen@whimsybean.com regarding her Virtual CraftKitchen Class.

Creative Spanish is now online!

While schools are closed during COVIN-19 Pandemic, Creative Spanish is offering

classes online Wednesdays 1:30 - 2:10 PM. We will meet on Zoom to make these

classes as fun and interactive as possible!

Our class is designed for kids in K-2nd grade (all levels). It includes Latin American arts

& crafts, conversation and grammar, storytelling and music.

Materials will be mailed since we know not every family might have a working printer at

home. The package will include written activities and games.

Fee: $18 per class

To enroll email Creativespanishforkids@gmail.com starting on April 1st.

1 Name(s) of your child(ren)

2 Address to send materials

3 Send payment to paypal.me/creativespanish


Math Online Classes:

Enrollment is re-opened for Firecracker Math Spring semester for classes Monday through Thursday. Use code FMVirtual to get a prorated fee of $200. 

The online classes are held in a virtual classroom with a live teacher where kids will be able to participate in class discussions, ask questions, show their work on a whiteboard, their worksheet and more. You can join any class that still has space: https://firecrackermath.org/math/

Once you sign up, parents and kids will be sent detailed instructions on how to join and operate the virtual classroom.

Contact hello@FirecrackerMath.org or call 510-488-4556 if you have questions.


KidsGotWeb allows kids to learn about internet safety while building their
 own website. The tool is self paced and comes with a step by step book.
 And here is the best part, kids can work independently in a safe
 environment.  To work independently we recommend that your child is age 8
 and up.  Only $1 for the first month, sign your child up at
KidsGotWeb.com. Questions-Email support@KidsGotWeb.com or Call
Currently: 3/26-4/16 Thursdays 11:00-11:40
Play-Well Virtual LEGO® Class
4 Sessions $8/Session Ages 6-11
"Join Play-Well TEKnologies for a 40-minute virtual Zoom class on Lego and engineering concepts. Have whatever LEGO® materials you have at home ready and out for the session. This is a virtual class for students at Redwood Heights. A link will be sent prior to the class date. Just for the safety of students and the instructor video will be recorded but not publicly shared."

Each of the programs below will run for 8 consecutive 1/hour lesson per week for a total cost of $20/student/lesson. Some of the programs requires an additional supply fee of $25 for a consumable kit that will be shipped to the school or your home directly. 

We will use a free webinar platform called Zoom so you will need to make sure you have a tablet/computer and a Wi-Fi. 

Please review the package below and reply to info@nexploreusa.com to let us know which  of the following programs you are interested in enrolling your child.

Day and time for your chosen program will be coordinated among all interested parents.  Once a schedule is set,  a link will be sent to you so you may safely register your child via Nexplore website at www.nexploreusa.com 

Minimum enrollment requirement: 6 students 

Should you have any question please feel free to call Dori Larea, Nexplore CEO at 786-768-6111


Makers Club 

An engineering program designed to inspire kids to pursue futures in science & technology. Students interact with fun Maker Kits that enhance mechanical, artistic, and engineering skills, while encouraging them to act as inventors in their own right.


This program requires some extra tools (such as screwdriver, cutter, etc) that  can be found at any home. We will be providing a list for each activity so the student will  have it ready for the class.


Nexplore Finance 

Takes a hands-on and fun approach to understanding money in the real world. Interactive and age-appropriate coursework empowers PreK-8th grade students to take positive financial action in their lives, thus, improving emotional well-being and overall health. 


Zumba workshops

We can have one of our certified fitness instructor lead an online lively workshop to keep students and families fit and healthy. 


To learn more about Nexplore please visit our website at www.nexploreusa.com 


Superpower of the Song™ by Kadie Kelly Music Studio: We have professional instructors offering virtual 1:1 lessons on piano, voice, violin, saxophone, trombone, music theory, ukulele, performance coaching, ear training, trumpet, cello, percussion, electronic music and song writing.

Get your first 4 lessons for $100, if purchased by 3/31/20.

email: kadiekelly@superpowerofthsong.com for more info.