Enrichment classes on 6 Crickets!
Sun, Aug 16 9:51pm
Hi RHS families,
Our after-school Enrichment classes have been available for two weeks on the 6 Crickets website.  Now that school has started and schedules are starting to settle in, please consider signing up. There is still plenty of room in all classes, and some may be cancelled if we don't get the minimum number of kids per class.
We will have to push the start date to the week of August 24th.  Please contact your provider directly for further information about your start date, if you've already signed up for a class. Start dates may differ for each class.
  • Worried about homework?  Sign up for Study Buddy with Ms. Janelle, one of our group specialists, for 1st - 3rd graders.  Also, we have 2 Firecracker Math level classes on Tuesday, as well as Robotics and Virtual Reality Design classes.  They provide extra support in subjects, while still making learning fun for kids!
  • Miss music?  We have tons of music classes including guitar, ukulele, and the Oakland Youth Choir.  Plus, instruments are provided.  3 O'Clock Rock is doing a Women in Rock theme!
  • Have an artist in the house?  Craft Kitchen is now online and we have Origami, Makers Space, and Sketching.
  • Need a little more physical activity in the day?  Brent, from 1 on 1 basketball is doing an online Hoops and general sports class.  Hanabi Judo is back online, as well as Kory (Kato's) hip hop dance.  Zumba is available so your kids can impress you with a few cool dance moves.
  • Is your child interested in chess?  Along with your weekly live instruction class, you can get a 1 year membership to Chesskid.com, where your kid can play anytime, and participate in games online. Get their brains working, it's a great alternative to video games!
  • Cooking Round the World is doing a Disney themed class, 2 days a week for all those little chefs. And we have a new Magic class added to the lineup.
  • Get your child interested in another language, with our Spanish class!
  • Doug of Doug's drama has been spending all summer perfecting his online drama camps and has a super engaging drama and storytelling class.  

All classes are online with a live teacher.  Connect kids with their friends for a fun social afternoon, and give yourself an extra hour or more, every day.  All classes are held around 3pm (or 1:30 on Wednesdays) to not interfere with the school day. 


Are you unsure how it will all work online?  Classes are only 8-9 weeks long, and we'll have another quarter start in late October.


To view classes at Redwood Heights, and sign up your student, please click here:


Enroll Here


How to Book Classes with 6 Crickets:

  1. Click the above link to access enrichment classes at Redwood Heights.
  2. View the catalog of classes. You can filter by days of the week, subject, or grade level to find the class best suited to your student.
  3. Click on the class (or classes) that you are interested in and select “Add to cart.”
  4. Enter in your child’s information and click “save.”
  5. Continue to payment and checkout.

If you need further assistance with registering, please click here for more information.



At Redwood Heights, we offer scholarships for our enrichment classes awarded on a needs-based honor system. These are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please click here to fill out the Scholarship Request Form, also available on the school web site.  All scholarship requests must be completed and turned in by August 17, 2020 to be considered for the fall - first half session. If you would like to make a donation to the RHS Enrichment scholarship fund, the option to do so is available upon check out.  Thanks for your consideration in supporting those RHS families in need!



Please contact Alexa Evans or Holly Iwanaga via Konstella with any questions.