Everyone wins when you donate to the RHS Auction!
Thu, Jan 19 10:36pm

Auction Donations

We are seeking donations for this year’s auction. What is something fun/interesting/unique you have to offer? Maybe you can pledge an hour of your professional services or something from your small business? Maybe you can donate a “vacation experience”? Can you cook? How about offering a home cooked & delivered dinner? In all cases, the best and most popular items come from community members like you. This is a great way to share your passion or business with the RHS community. Every offering does in fact make a difference. 

It’s easy! Just fill out this form at https://forms.gle/LbpJ5PC7Pjc5zPtk6 and we’ll follow-up with the details. It's a charitable donation, too, so you get the tax benefits, while we get the honor of your generosity. Have questions? Email Jill Oringer at jilloringer@yahoo.com or call/text 408-806-4955, or Rachel Balsley at rachel.balsley@gmail.com.


Parent-hosted Auction Parties

Each year the auction includes the opportunity to sign up for spots at various parent-hosted events. Some ideas from past years include wine tasting or cocktail parties, kids’ craft parties, hike with picnic lunch, dinner parties, poker night, game night, outdoor movie for “kids night out.” It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or fancy.

Are you interested in hosting a party, or have an idea but not sure how to start? Contact Cindy Ciruli (cindy.ciruli@gmail.com) or Amy Skonieczny (skoniecznya@hotmail.com). The Auction Party FAQ’s also include some helpful details and ideas to get you started. Submit your party on this separate form by Feb. 17. 


Mark your calendars: 

~February 10: Donation Deadline
~February 17: Deadline to submit auction parties
~February 20 - March 5: Online/Silent Auction
~March 4: Live Auction Event at California Ballroom


Keep your eye out for information about raffle ticket sales and donating an auction dessert coming soon!