FINAL DAYS to SELL Raffle Tickets & to BUY your Auction Ticket for March 4th!
Tue, Feb 28 10:50am

Haven’t bought your ticket(s) to the Auction Gala yet?  Head on over to to buy your tickets now.


Raffle tickets can be sold all week, please do!  

We're down to the wire, 3 days left to turn your raffle tickets in!   If you don't see a raffle representative outside due to the rain, check the front lobby or turn your envelopes into the office or teacher and our auction team will collect them.  We will definitely be at school THIS FRIDAY to collect your $ and tickets!  We're currently at ~$7000 in sales, almost half of what we earned last year, we know the final days are the biggest sales day, let's see what we can do!!!!


While buying your tickets, check out all of the awesome offerings in the silent/online auction (open for bidding now) and preview live auction items (including amazing art projects our kids created in art class with Ms. Mate) and parties that will be open for bidding at the March 4 event at the California Ballroom. PLEASE SHARE the online auction link with friends and family, anyone can bid!   We can’t wait to celebrate with you! 


ANY questions, please email me ( or Emily (,