Fall Carnival coming up (10/22/2022) - Lead Positions open - LET"S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Wed, Sep 28 11:26pm
Hello Dad's club members.
As we get through the Spaghetti feed this week we are looking forward to the annual Carnival, scheduled for Saturday, October 22.
This is a big event and we need a few volunteers to take on some lead positions ASAP to get things moving.  These roles will likely require a few hours a week for preparation up until the week of the event, with a more significant time requirement the week of the event and the day of (10-15hr total week of).
This is probably the most anticipated event of the school year, but with the significant time off over during COVID, we need some significant help getting everything restarted.  Please consider one of these positions and contact the following people ASAP if you are interested in helping with the Carnival this year.
Lee Maranto (lee.maranto@gmail.com)
Eric Schneider (elschneider@gmail.com)

Lead positions available:

Set up lead:  Set Up Lead(s) to coordinate all things for the day of. They help plan the layout and identify what each Team will need for the carnival and assist with procuring major items needed such as table rentals, dunk tank rentals, and reserving space.
Booth Lead: Booth Lead(s) manage the booth coordination and plan each booth. They will identify what booth/game supplies we already have and what additional supplies are needed.
Prize Lead (assistant needed): Prize Lead(s) manage the prize supply and prize claim process. They order the prizes needed for the event, determine the value of prizes, develop a claim system and manage the claim process on the day of.
Food Lead: Food Lead(s) manage the food offerings. They will plan the menu, do the shopping and coordinate the cooking on the day of the event
Volunteer Lead: Volunteer Lead(s) recruit, assign and coordinate the volunteers; They identify how many volunteers are needed for each team and work with the other Leads to make sure each Team has the volunteers they need; Lastly, Volunteer leads will communicate with the volunteers leading up to and at the event.
Thanks so much for your time which makes this all even possible.
The Dad's Club