Friday Snack Bar -- Get your $5 Mystery Snack Bag #3 FRIDAY after school!!!
Wed, Jan 25 7:26pm


Can a grab bag be a sweepstakes?

Hello RHS Community, 


The Mystery Snack Bag Returns!!! 


Come support your 4th & 5th grade classmates at another FUN fundraiser for their overnight  Nature Bridge Field Trip this Friday, after school.  


For $5, you will get a bag with an assortment of several snacks - it could be cookies, fruit snacks, chips,  a drink, etc.    And for extra fun, every bag will have a small prize! 

SEVERAL bags will contain a bonus egg, that can be redeemed for  ANOTHER MYSTERY BAG!! 

ONE special bag will have a cuddly Rabbit stuffy in celebration of the Lunar New Year!!


Be sure to send your kids with money on Friday!


Or, you can order in advance by sending your money via venmo @RHSParentFund and entering your child's name here.  (We will have a separate line for Prepaid orders!) 



 We look forward to seeing you soon and to raising the FUN as we raise our FUNDS.


In solidarity, 

Parents of 4th and 5th graders