Friendly Reminders for COHORT B Reopining
Wed, Apr 21 5:08pm

Dear RHS Families,

We are excited to welcome grades 3-5 cohorts B. Please check your emails or the Parent Square app for their update. You will need to restart the program for the update and re-confirm parent/student personal information. Thank you to all parents for continuing to read our messages and following the guidelines and protocols. As a result, pick up and drop off has been smooth. Thank you for being patient and understanding. A huge shout out to all of the paren volunteers that are showing up and helping out. THANK YOU!!! 

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Read the Redwood Heights Reopening Plan Spring 2021Inside you will find
  1. The RHS Safety Agreement due ASAP on (pg. 17)
  2. Instructions for accessing Parent Square Daily Symptom Check ( pg. 7
  3. QR Code for the student daily symptom check (pg. 17)
NEW PICK -UP / DROP-OFF TIMES (revised 4/14/21) (pg. 11)


12:15 - Grades 3, 4, 5

12:20 - Grades 1, 2

12:30 - Grades Kinder & Siblings

PICK-UP Times:

3:00 - Grades K -1

3:05 - Grades 2 - 3

3:10 - Grades 4 -5


Your will receive your RHS Student Car Visor Pick Up paper: 

Each teacher will distribute your personal  RHS Student Car Visor Pick Up paper. Please place this paper on your car dashboard or hanging over the car visor.

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COHORT Schedules: 

Every class will have 3 cohorts:

COHORT A -  In person learning on Monday and Tuesday afternoons

COHORT B - In person learning on Thursday and Friday afternoons

COHORT C - No in person learning - will have an optional small group check in with support staff during some afternoons and will have asynchronous work to complete


Our teachers have shared the student cohort list and class schedules. 

Peace, love and patience,


Email me if you have more questions @ cynthia.bagby@